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  • Style and Substance: The Best of Elle Decor
    Style and Substance: The Best of Elle Decor
    by Margaret Russell
  • American Modern
    American Modern
    by Thomas O'Brien, Lisa Light
  • The Way We Live In the City (Way We Live (Rizzoli))
    The Way We Live In the City (Way We Live (Rizzoli))
    by Stafford Cliff
  • Michael S. Smith: Elements of Style
    Michael S. Smith: Elements of Style
    by Michael Smith, Diane Dorrans Saeks
  • Domestic Art: Curated Interiors
    Domestic Art: Curated Interiors
    by Holly Moore, Rob Brinkley, Laurann Claridge
  • Crossing Boundaries: A Global Vision of Design
    Crossing Boundaries: A Global Vision of Design
    by Vicente Wolf
  • The New Eighteenth-Century Style: Rediscovering a French Décor
    The New Eighteenth-Century Style: Rediscovering a French Décor
    by Michele Lalande
  • Rooms to Inspire in the City: Stylish Interiors for Urban Living
    Rooms to Inspire in the City: Stylish Interiors for Urban Living
    by Annie Kelly
  • Axel Vervoordt: Timeless Interiors
    Axel Vervoordt: Timeless Interiors
    by Armelle Baron
  • Interiors
    by Min Hogg, Wendy Harrop
  • At Home With Pattern
    At Home With Pattern
    by Sally Conran, Katherine Sorrell
  • CFDA Designers at Home
    CFDA Designers at Home
    by Rima Suqi


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… and we’re LIVE!

At long last, the MINTY online shop is live and awaiting your visit!

Nelya, Jenny and I jam-packed it with goodies that required enormous willpower to actually plunk on the store ‘shelves’ and not keep for ourselves. Lots of lucite, brass, antique textiles, woven silk ikat by the yard, and sooooo much more. And Jenny has new paintings for sale. They are gorgeous!!

 Come see, come see





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A pastel moment

Hello spring! 



TOP, art pieces by photographer Evonne Bellefleur and stylist Caitlin Boherty via 
The Jealous Curator 



I’m not much of a pastel person. I like my color intense. But these pale tones are killing me. So right, right now. 




Acrylic sculpture by Philip Low via The Jealous Curator




Speaking of spring, my friend Claudia Thompson posted these hilarious Easter photos on facebook. Each one is funnier than the one before. When I was 16, one of my first jobs was being the Easter bunny at Northlake Mall here in Atlanta. That suit was hot. And the feet and gloves were giant. I almost killed a 3-week old baby because the mother plunked him in my hands and I couldn't bend those mitts. Still gives me nightmares!





{ Images via Honestly WTF, Raney Town, and The Jealous Curator }


Stay out of the pollen,



Curvy, carved + folded

Ooooh, I like these shapely pieces. First up, is this gorgeous table from Haas Brothers. Hand-forged steel “folded” into a simple shape. Don’t you love the aged-looking, burnished golden patina?  






Second, a collection of carved and curvy stools from Anthropologie. Quite nice.



Speaking of nice… See the latest MINTY offering. It’s an antique dim sum cart! Tasty. 



Happy Monday!


Show + tell

I’m excited to show you a couple of new pieces on a wall in our house. First, I found this framed vintage Gucci scarf at Antique Factory. The oolors are just stunning — bold purple with orange, blue, yellow, red — framed in a great rounded-cornered matte gold frame. I’m a sucker for a rounded corner. And that scarf design is just so, so good.



Then, Nelya found this incredible antique textile cum mirror at an estate sale. She dragged it to the shop where I intercepted it. Sorry y’all, I nabbed it and it’s mine. Brilliant colors, intricate woven pattern with a little peekaboo mirror right in the center. And framed in a mirrored frame. Look at the beauty, look at the colors, the texture. So fabulous. 





And paired with the scarf? All the better. Mmmm, I love looking at it. 





 Have a great weekend!